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All these photographs can figure with help of the national association of the croqueurs de pommes and the

botanical conservatory of Gap Charance that I hold to thank.For all reproduction or copy, please consult me

the apples sold in the trade must correspond to criterias useful to the fruit-growers and the distributors.
These criterias are essentially criterias of resistance.
An apple, to be cultivated and sold must be of long conservation, to resist the transportation, to the storage, to the illnesses and to the time.
They undergo for it of the chemical treatments of struggle against illnesses and bugs
These treatments were during a long time applied excessively what is very ominous for the consumer's health.
Today, the things evolved somewhat with the arrival of new varieties crossed with the Penalty floribunda
carrier of resistance gene to the speck, what contributes to decrease the treatments (but without dispensing itself/themselves completely of it).
The apples of the supermarkets are also calibrated to have all same size (worry of transportation and presentation also).
These last years, new varieties are born but they present the inconvenience to carry (besides the advantage of the resistance gene), the inconvenience to take those of the former known commercial varieties and that pleased to the consumer
The new crossings are a lot descended of golden, jonathan, cox etc...

The result of all it is therefore insufficient:
We always lose: the taste and the diversity.

All apples don't have the same flavour, the same size, the same shape, the same period of maturity.


More of 11000 varieties of apples of which you will find the list on this site exist.
The apple is impressive
as for the criterias according to which she/it can decline herself/itself: all small (10 grams) or enormous (until 1 kg),
stretched out or flattened; pentagonal, round or even in the shape of star, she/it especially has a very varied taste fan
and borrow the one of all fruits of the creation: an apple can have the flavor of a raspberry, of a strawberry,
of a banana, of the rose, the violet, the quince, the pineapple, the orange, the lemon or the more particular tastes,
special and indefinable.
But the most important character of the apple is to be of all seasons and one can say that every month of the year and even each day of every month has his/her/its variety of apple that arrives to full maturity.

"An apple a day and the doctor's away" says the old byword
but a different apple every morning it is even better!

The varieties proposed on this site have been chosen among the most remarkable listed all over the world and have all a certain interest.

They gave their proof and were worth the varieties of the trade well and surpass them even most of the time.
A white calville of winter has Seven times more Vitamin C than a golden delicious.
A rennet of Le Mans or a beautiful of Mleiv has more perfume than a Granny smith.
a beautiful of the buits will only bloom after the belated frosts and will fill you although he/it arrives.
An effort of diffusion is noticed today at the nurserymen and jardineries sui enrich their catalog and
propose a little diversity but one is far from the thousands of varieties that proposed
the nurseries André Leroy, Simon-LOUIS frèreses or Alphonse MAS at the end of the 19th century.

Yet, a little advertisement would only be sufficient with beautiful photos on a beautiful catalog and praising the merits.

You will find some professionals on this site in my address book, but for most these apples,
it will be necessary for you to transplant them you same or to make transplant them by a specialist.
The grafts will be gotten while contacting associations of amateurs
as the association of the devourers of apples for example.
You can also let a message on this site in the forum to post your request.

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