All these photographs can figure with help of the national association of the croqueurs de pommes and the

botanical conservatory of Gap Charance that I hold to thank.

A lot of fruits come from my personnal orchard.

For all reproduction or copy, please consult me


the pears sold in the trade only correspond to criterias of resistance useful to the fruit-growers and to the distributors.
A pear, to be cultivated and sold must resist to the transportation, to the storage to the illnesses and to the time.
They undergo a lot of the ominous chemical treatments for the consumer's health.

we have lost : the taste and the GENETIC diversity. .


The negative result : in the world so called civilized, trade does not cultivate and sell more than five or six varieties and always the same.

Demanded a change, leaves to pay more expensive the kilo, we will save in health and will find the pleasure.


There exists more of 3000 varieties of pears whose you will find the list on this site.

The pear was the fruit number one in 19th century.



You can grow the Proposed varieties in your orchard. They have been chosen among the most remarkable listed in the whole world and have all a certain notoriety. They have made their proof and are worth the varieties of the trade and surpass them most the time.

Few nurseries nevertheless distribute the diversity and it is not injury to observe that it is not found more than in museums and orchards of the true fanatics.

Nevertheless, it would suffice only a few advertisement with beautiful photographs on a beautiful catalogues and praise merits.

you will find some adresses on this site in my repertory, but for most of these pears, it will be necessary you to graft them you same or to make them graft by a specialist. Grafts will be obtained by contacting associations of amateurs as the croqueurs de pommes or Nafex or Seed Savers for example .

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